Welcome to Jaarbeurs

We believe there should be a place where you can really meet each other. To connect and to grow.

At Jaarbeurs, we offer and create the space to accelerate growth: as people, as an organisation and as an industry.

In a sustainable, safe and smart way. Live and online.

In the centre of the country, in the heart of the city Utrecht, with you as our main focus.

A sustainable ambition

Our goal is clear: in a few years time, we want to be the most sustainable conference and events venue in Europe. We have a genuine drive to make our organization a frontrunner in society and in the events industry.

We believe in a world where we care for and respect each other and our environment. Where the impact on the earth is reduced by reusing raw materials, managing and reducing waste and generating our own green energy. Where we are aware of our differences and embrace them, without leaving anyone behind.

There is much to be gained in the field of sustainability; that is why we would like to contribute to solutions to achieve that sustainability.

Vlaggen Jaarbeurs


Jaarbeurs is located in the centre of the Netherlands and is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Jaarbeurs has its own car parks and is within walking distance of Utrecht Central Station. Will we see you at Jaarbeurs soon?

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Advertising at Jaarbeurs

Every year, 2.5 million visitors come to Jaarbeurs. Our event venue in Utrecht is suitable for a variety of activities involving different target groups.

From large trade fairs, events and shows to meetings and business conferences, this ensures a wide range of coverage. We would like to help you think about the layout of your advertisements at Jaarbeurs so that your target group is reached in an optimal way.

Digital Advertising

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