About Jaarbeurs

Welcome to Jaarbeurs

Jaarbeurs organises and facilitates trade fairs, conferences, events and other meetings. Live and online.

For a number of industries, we offer our great expertise. These industries include healthcare, construction & installation, industry, logistics, IT media, education, travel and leisure. We have a large and diverse range of venues where you can meet each other in real life for trade fairs, conferences, other events and smaller meetings. For online meetings such as webinars and livestreams you can visit our Jaarbeurs Studio.

With offices in China and Thailand, we have an extensive national and international network of partners

Accelerator of sustainable growth

We believe that there should be a place where you can meet each other in real life. Meet to grow. At Jaarbeurs, we offer and create the space to accelerate growth: as people, as an organisation and as an industry. In a friendly, sustainable, and innnovative way. Live and online. In the centre of the country, in the heart of the city, with you as our main focus.

Our core values
•    We are friendly. We create valuable meetings and personal experiences for our visitors and customers. Live and online.
•    We are sustainable. We believe in a world in which we treat each other and our environment with care. We want to build sustainable relationships with our customers, suppliers and the world around us.
•    We are innovative. By combining our experience and knowledge with the latest digital technologies, we increase the value of our events and those of our customers.

Our vision

We are Europe's most sustainable and innovative venue and organiser, as well as an indispensable link in the Dutch economy. We organise and facilitate knowledge development and meetings in an innovative way, always aiming for sustainable growth.


Partners and awards

For our services, we build on our extensive, (inter)national network of suppliers and long-term partnerships. We work together to share knowledge with industry peers, put the city of Utrecht on the international map and contribute to economic growth.

Over the years we have achieved various awards and certificates of which we are very proud. We view these as a confirmation from and to our customers and visitors, and to ourselves, that we excel in what we do, and have the necessary knowledge to help them further organize successful events.

Partners awards certificaten Jaarbeurs - groei versnellen doe je samen


Jaarbeurs was founded on 6 May 1916 in the office of the mayor of Utrecht, as a response to the economic crisis after the First World War. The Jaarbeurs was built to provide a new impulse for Dutch trade and industry. During the opening of the 25th Jaarbeurs on September 8, 1931, the predicate “Royal” was awarded and we became the Royal Jaarbeurs.

Established to promote trade and industry and therefore to stimulate prosperity, now, more than 100 years later, this ideal still forms the foundation of the Jaarbeurs.

What we do

We organise various trade and public events every year. Connecting supply and demand and bringing exhibitors into contact with the right target group(s) is our main focus. An overview of our own trade events can be found below:

More information about exhibiting at our events