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Jaarbeurs uses cookies to optimise your experience on our website, to analyse the use of our websites and to make it possible to share social media content and/or for targeted advertising purposes (where applicable).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone via a website of Jaarbeurs and are read when you use our websites. An explanation of the various types of cookies used by Jaarbeurs is provided below.

Functional cookies

Jaarbeurs uses a number of functional cookies. They allow us to store data for you that enhance your experience of our websites. The functional cookies that we place via our various websites have the following purposes, among others:

  • to remember your preferences, such as the language you may have chosen; or
    • to allow access registration.


Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to enable us to adjust our websites to the wishes and interests of the visitors.

Jaarbeurs uses Google Analytics of Google Inc. (“Google”). Via Google Analytics we obtain information on the manner in which our website is used. The information consists of user statistics, such as the number of different visitors, the pages frequently visited and the average duration of a visit. We do so on the basis of the “Privacy-Friendly Way to Use Google Analytics” handbook of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This means that we have instructed Google to remove the last three digits of your IP address (so that it is difficult to trace the IP address to a specific visitor) and we have disabled Google’s standard data sharing settings.

Jaarbeurs also has entered into a data processing agreement with Google. We do not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. The limited information that is shared with Google, when Google Analytics is used, is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the USA. In order to ensure that the personal data processed by Google maintains the same equivalent level of protection, we take the necessary and appropriate measures.

Furthermore, Jaarbeurs uses the cookies and technology of Hotjar to better understand the browsing behavior of the visitors of our websites so we can optimize our service. By using Hotjar, the way you, as visitor, navigate through our websites can be portrayed, including how long you visit our websites, which links you choose to click on, etc. When visiting the website, among others your IP address (anonymized), device screen size, device type, browser information, geographic location (country only) and the preferred language used to display on our website, are collected. Hotjar is configurated in a privacy-friendly way, so for example the information of the text fields you fill in are anonymized. Hotjar stores the collected information on our behalf in a user profile that cannot directly be traced back to you. The collected information can be linked to any feedback or surveys if you have given your consent. Hotjar has entered into a data processing agreement with Jaarbeurs and is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected on our behalf.

Social media cookies

Social media cookies make it possible to easily share a page via social media or to show social content on a subject (such as tweets). The social media for which cookies can be placed include Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Advertising cookies

Jaarbeurs uses cookies to ensure that you are not shown the same advertisement too often (if applicable). Jaarbeurs also uses cookies that allow it to show you banners after you have visited our site. On the Your online choices website you can find more information on this type of banner and how you can grant or withdraw your consent. Those banners also include an information icon that also allows you to withdraw you consent for the use of those banners.

Removing and refusing cookies

You can remove the cookies on your device and refuse new cookies in your browser settings. The manner in which that is done differs per browser; see this link for Google Chrome and this link for Internet Explorer on how to remove the various types of cookies. If you do not want Google to collect and use Google Analytics data, you can download and install the browser plug-in that can be found at More information is also provided by the Consumentenbond (Dutch Consumers’ Association) under Cookies verwijderen.

More information on cookies
This link refers to an overview of the special cookies and cookie providers that Jaarbeurs can use on its websites.

More information on cookies is provided by the Consumentenbond under Wat zijn cookies?.

Amendment of this cookie policy
Jaarbeurs may amend this cookie policy. New versions are always published on our website.

Date of most recent amendment: 2th of June 2022