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Logistics at Jaarbeurs

When it comes to logistics around an event, safety comes first. On this page you can find everything about all transport movements to Jaarbeurs.


Vehicle Registration System

At Jaarbeurs we work with a system for registering cargo deliveries. To retain access and optimal flow, you can reserve a time slot for loading and unloading at Jaarbeurs 48 hours in advance. 

After your time slot is scanned, you will get access to the loading and unloading area. The Vehicle Registration System allows us to properly coordinate logistical movements in and around Jaarbeurs. 

The system allows you to load and uload quickly, safely and easily. Together we ensure a safer and more relaxed working environment. 

Loading & unloading

Setting up and taking down an event involves many logistical operations. The location of the loading and unloading area may vary from event to event.

Please keep the following in mind regarding loading and unloading: 

  • Between 07:00 - 23:00 hrs, you can enter the loading and unloading zone to load and unload. 
  • The loading and unloading zone is closed from 07:00 - 23:00 hrs. 
  • Vehicles under 2.70 meters can load and unload for a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Vehicles over 2.70 meters can load and unload for a maximum of 120 minutes.
  • If your loading and unloading time has expired, please move the vehicle to a spot outside the loading and unloading zone.
  • If vehicles are left in the loading and unloading zone for more than an hour, you will be charged €120,-.

Set-up and take down scenarios

See below which VRS set-up and take down scenario applies to the event.

September 2023

50PlusBeurs VRS - External buffer location
Big Data Expo

VRS - External buffer location

Beurs Eigen Huis VRS - Jaarbeurs approach route
Vakbeurs Electronics & Applications VRS - External buffer location
Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte VRS - different scenario
Second Home Beurs VRS - Jaarbeurs approach route

October 2023

Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs VRS - Jaarbeurs approach route
GameForce VRS - External buffer location
LEGO World VRS - different scenario
KamaSutra VRS - Jaarbeurs approach route
KreaDoe VRS - External buffer location


View the documents for more information on the approach routes and the VRS set-up and take-down scenarios.

Parking after loading and unloading

Due to space and passage of other vehicles in the loading and unloading zone, you can park in one of the Jaarbeurs parking lots after loading and unloading. The regular rate applies here. 

  • Vehicles under 2.70 meters can be parked at op P2 and P4
  • Vehicles over 2.70 meters can only be parked at P2

Please note: due to space and safety at Jaarbeurs, unattached trailers and trailers cannot be left at Jaarbeurs. A tow-away regulation is in force for this. 


Environmental zone

Utrecht has new environmental zones that ban the most polluting passenger cars, trucks, vans, cabs, buses and mopeds and motorcycles from the city. With the environmental zone, Utrecht aims to improve air quality in the city. The new environmental zones for Utrecht fit within the national harmonization scheme for environmental zones.

In the coming years, the requirements, which apply within the environmental zone, will be increasingly tightened. From 2025 - 2030 the aim is to have only 100% emission-free transport in the environmental zones. 

The overview below shows which requirements apply around Jaarbeurs for which type of vehicle.

Car: only diesel vehicles with emission class 4 and higher are welcome, year of construction 2005. 

Van: only diesel vehicles with emission class 4 and higher are welcome, year of construction 2005. 

Truck: only diesel vehicles with highest emission class 6 are welcome.

Bus/Touring car: only diesel buses with the highest emission class 6 are welcome. 

License plate checker

Wondering if your vehicle is allowed in the environmental zone? Use the license plate checker to find out quickly. 



The map shows all logistic routes at Jaarbeurs.

See the page about practical information for other routes, adresses and reports on traffic disruptions around Jaarbeurs.

Logistics map

General terms and conditions

Do you want to know more about the terms and condtions at Jaarbeurs?

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