Digitalisering en innovatie bij Jaarbeurs

Digital innovation at Jaarbeurs

Our ambition: to become the Most Smart Venue in Europe!

Jaarbeurs is the place where technology and people come together. Both live and online. Read more about how we use smart digital innovations to make our events unique.

Events made even more valuable

Through innovation in digital products, we make our events even more valuable

Digitisation helps us reach the right people

With our app and narrowcasting, we reach more visitors

Plug & Play facilities for organisers

Make use of our facilities and extras for your meetings

Offline and online connections

Through innovations in the field of registration, online events and matchmaking, we are able to connect with our audience more easily

Digital transformation

Jaarbeurs has a clear ambition. Within a few years, we want to be the smartest and most sustainable event venue in Europe. As an organisation, we have already taken important steps.

We are the place where people meet, where businesses and markets have the opportunity to accelerate growth. At Jaarbeurs, we want to be the place where people get inspired, can meet up and gain knowledge and insights. This ambition is aimed at not only face-to-face meetings, but online as well.

Hybrid or digital events have become part of all our lives, and are also a great addition to face-to-face events. With our digital solutions, we add even more value to events at Jaarbeurs. Anyone can participate, regardless of where they are. Combining smart tools and digital innovation with our venues means that the possibilities are endless.

Reach the right people with the Jaarbeurs Live app

  • Advertising: You can place your ads in various prominent positions in the app.
  • On-site navigation: Visitors can easily find your stand with the map.
  • Proximity Marketing: With the app you can send targeted messages to the relevant visitors

And more!
Discover the endless possibilities of our app.

Jaarbeur winnaar UFI Award

Innovative technologies and tools

Of course, events are all about personal encounters. But we believe these new digital tools allow us to make face-to-face and online events even more unique. By combining our experience and knowledge with the latest technologies, we can enrich any experience and provide organisers and visitors with insight and practical information.

That is why we invested in:

  • An innovative recording and streaming studio for online events
  • The Jaarbeurs Live app: all the options at your fingertips
  • Digital Out Of Home screens
  • Online platform to share on-demand content with your target audience
  • The ability to quickly switch between devices with our Plug & Play facilities at Jaarbeurs MeetUp meeting rooms
  • Professional equipment for audio, video and suitable atmospheric lighting.
Jaarbeurs studio

Online events such as talk shows, webinars, podcasts or livestreams have proven their added value, both as stand-alone events and in combination with a face-to-face event. With online events, you are always sure it can be held safely, you often reach an even greater audience and you have great opportunities to keep a high level of interaction and dynamics during your event.

Do you want to make a digital impact and engage with your target audience? Our professional Jaarbeurs Studio offers you everything you need to make your online event a success. You can tell your story – we take care of the rest.

Offline and online connections

  • Registration & badge scanning: Easily make connections with visitors on the exhibition floor.
  • Hybrid event: Online events have proven their added value, both as standalone events and in combination with live
  • Online & offline matchmaking: With our matchmaking tools you can easily meet the best match, online and offline.
  • E-directory: Your online profile can be set up quickly with our e-directory.

Are you ready to meet your future customers?

Our account managers are here to answer all your questions. They can advise you on the various options and engage with organisations to find the best way to optimise their exhibition participation. 

Smart locations for events

Are you, as an organiser or as an exhibitor, looking for an innovative and sustainable venue for your event? Jaarbeurs is the perfect partner for you. We want to look at how we can help you make your event as sustainable as possible. In addition, we use the latest technologies to surprise your visitors. Check out our smart venues per event type:

  • Smart studio with the latest technology for webinars, talk shows, podcasts or online events
  • Meeting rooms with Plug & Play facilities
  • Large conference rooms with grand audio-visual facilities

Our account managers are here to help you organise the event of the future. Whichever tools or smart solutions you need, we can take care of it for you. Let us know what type of event you want to organise and we can provide you with some great ideas.

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