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Meetup AI-content

Discover what ChatGPT can do for your organization's content creation. Learn how to implement AI in your content and marketing and get inspired!

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Generative AI is perhaps the most important tech development ever. One that is unstoppable. Therefore, the question is not if, but when you are going to implement ChatGPT and other AI tools in your content and marketing. How do you go about it effectively? Which processes, departments and channels benefit most from AI? How do you use AI to lower the threshold for content creation and copywriting, or to communicate more personally? 

Get inspired during this Meetup to take the right next step. We'll kick off the afternoon with a practical session on formulating prompts. Also learn at what levels and for what formats you can all apply ChatGPT. Listen to best practices, ask the experts your burning questions and, while enjoying a drink and a snack, have a nice chat with your peers. 

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