Statiegeld Jaarbeurs duurzaam

Returning deposit bottles and cans at Royal Jaarbeurs

Option to donate deposit to Princess Máxima Centre via online app

Utrecht, 2 October 2023 – Popular locations such as garden centres, airports and schools are increasingly deciding to be a collection point for deposit bottles and cans. The list now includes Royal Jaarbeurs in Utrecht where reverse vending machines give people the choice of transferring the deposit money to their own account or donating to the Princess Máxima Centre for paediatric oncology via the Tikkie online payment app.

“Sustainability is a vital aspect of everything we do at Jaarbeurs,” says CEO Jeroen van Hooff. “A sustainable future can only be achieved together and deposits on bottles and cans are a good way to manage resources and reduce litter. Jaarbeurs welcomes an average of 2.3 million visitors a year, and I’m pleased that the organisation responsible for collection, Statiegeld Nederland, has placed two collection points at our venue.”

Jaarbeurs has been supporting the Princess Máxima Centre for paediatric oncology since 2018, including by donating the deposit on PET bottles. The new collection machines mean visitors can use the Tikkie app to donate to the Princess Máxima Centre or transfer the deposit money to their own account.

Growing number of collection points
The Netherlands currently has more than 28,000 collection points in places such as supermarkets, petrol stations and train stations. A further expansion of the collection capacity is in progress, with reverse vending machines for plastic bottles and cans being installed in various schools, amusement parks and garden centres. 

“Our priority is on locations that welcome lots of people,” explains Hester Klein Lankhorst of the Dutch Packaging Waste Fund (Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen). “An event or conference venue is precisely this type of hotspot and we’re delighted that Jaarbeurs is now collecting deposit bottles and cans. The more collection points there are, the easier it is to return bottles and cans and for us to transform them into new packaging. I hope other event venues will soon follow the example set by Jaarbeurs, as a broad national partnership is essential in making it easier for consumers to return their deposit items and work together on a circular economy.” 

Statiegeld Nederland is in consultation with various other popular spots in the Netherlands to help expand the national network of collection points. Busy locations that wish to place a collection machine are invited to contact the organisation.

About Packaging Waste Fund
Packaging Waste Fund is responsible for the collection and recycling of packaging on behalf of companies that market packaged products. These companies jointly finance the system by paying a percentage to the fund for each packaged item. The fund’s responsibilities include the deposit system. The Packaging Waste Fund aims for a circular economy in which packaging materials remain as resources. More information is available in English here

About Statiegeld Nederland
Statiegeld Nederland is responsible for the realisation of the deposit system for plastic bottles and cans. The collected products are recycled so that the material can be reused for new bottles and cans. More information is available in English here