Royal Jaarbeurs and Moonback develop practical hotel map and booking tool for Utrecht  

Utrecht, 29 June 2023 – Royal Jaarbeurs has announced a partnership with hotel booking website Moonback. “Our goal is to offer visitors, exhibitors and organisers of trade shows, conferences and meetings the best possible customer experience,” comments Jeroen van Hooff, CEO of Royal Jaarbeurs. “Practicality is crucial in this regard. It is essential that people can easily find and book good accommodations in the vicinity of the Jaarbeurs for all multi-day and international events.” Together with Moonback, Royal Jaarbeurs has now published a practical map for Utrecht that shows all the associated hotels. 

“The decision to partner with Moonback was a well-informed one,” continues Van Hooff. “It is a transparent booking site which treats all hotels equally – hotels cannot pay extra commissions to enhance their visibility. Moonback also allows people to book their hotel based on a location on the map. In addition to being a valuable service for visitors and clients, this partnership will also benefit the hotels in and around Utrecht.” 

Moonback was established in 2020 after a crowdfunding campaign and offers accommodation in Utrecht and 50 other European cities. Rianne Klaren, co-founder and CCO of Moonback: “I am proud that Royal Jaarbeurs has chosen us as its partner for hotel bookings. This has allowed us to create a win-win situation for visitors, hotels, Jaarbeurs and Moonback.” 

Integrated hotel solutions for events 
The event calendar and websites of the various Jaarbeurs exhibitions provide an easy tool for selecting and booking a hotel. The platform includes a practical map with the distance to Jaarbeurs from the various hotels as well as a wealth of information about the city. The partnership between Moonback and Jaarbeurs is another innovation that proves how Jaarbeurs is providing genuine added value to clients, including in the world of digital solutions. 
The hotel map can be used directly via 

Koninklijke Jaarbeurs en Moonback ontwikkelen overzichtelijke hotelplattegrond van Utrecht