Behind the scenes at Royal Jaarbeurs with Corry Neggers, account manager for congresses & healthcare champion

Royal Jaarbeurs, the friendly, sustainable, and innovative host for events in the Netherlands and beyond. A place where people come to meet, learn, grow and inspire each other. Now it’s our pleasure to share what's happening at Royal Jaarbeurs and how we approach things by introducing our most valuable asset: our people. Today, Corry Neggers talks about her work as an account manager for congresses at Royal Jaarbeurs and her role as a healthcare champion. 

Corry Neggers is an account manager for external events at the Beatrix Theatre and Media Plaza conference center. Anyone organising a conference or other gathering at these venues is likely to have lots of contact with Corry in the lead-up to their event. “My work is very diverse. I give tours, draw up proposals and offers, advise our clients on how best to achieve their objectives, collaborate on programme development and generally serve as a connection point between people and organisations. In addition to being an account manager, I’m also a strategic partner and event manager in the lead-up to the event. This involves keeping the lines of communication as short as possible and thinking along with the client from start to finish. Only on the day of the event itself do I hand over to the operations department." 


Focus on healthcare

While Corry is an account manager for various types of events and conferences, her focus lies specifically within the Health & Life Sciences sector. “Royal Jaarbeurs has a strong commitment to healthcare and aims to make a significant contribution to the growth of the industry, with the ultimate goal of Utrecht being the healthcare city of the Netherlands. This aligns with the regional positioning of the city as Utrecht, Heart of Health, an initiative by the Utrecht Economic Board and partners, including Royal Jaarbeurs. Together, we aspire to have this region make the maximum possible contribution to a healthy world.” 

Dutch Health Hub

Healthcare is a crucial sector in the Netherlands, as Corry explains. “Many conferences are organised ion this country, which has extensive knowledge and expertise in the healthcare field. At Royal Jaarbeurs we strongly believe strongly in making the most of this potential. This is why the Dutch Health Hub was established a few years ago, which has since grown into a platform for healthcare professionals with approximately 40,000 members. 

"In addition, we organise various events in the healthcare sector ourselves, with the highlight being the Dutch Health Week scheduled from for 8 7 to 14 April 2024. This will beis a week entirely dedicated to healthcare, featuring scores of events for the sector throughout Utrecht, including some of our own healthcare-related trade fairs. The goal of Dutch Health Week is to join forces with all healthcare professionals to improve healthcare and life sciences in the Netherlands. Together we will explore the many current options to strengthen healthcare. To give extra weight to the week we have connected as many valuable clients and knowledge events as possible to Dutch Health Week. These are taking place both at our own venues and across the wider Utrecht region." 

Exploring the sector

Royal Jaarbeurs finds it crucial to establish good personal relationships with its clients says Corry. “This is the best way to address their needs effectively. We believe in going beyond mere availability and pricing, preferring to carefully assess what is required for our clients and their events to succeed. That’s also the role I aim to fulfil for the healthcare sector. You can stick to just simply calling contacting people and presenting your venue, or you can really make a difference for them by understanding what the sector desires. I explore this in-depth with colleagues responsible for various healthcare events at Royal Jaarbeurs and analysing the main subjects of existing conferences. This has enabled me to know what's possible and, more importantly, what our clients need from us.'" 

“I can call myself a Venue Healthcare Champion.”


Certified healthcare venue

One of those needs is a venue that complies with the policy of Compliant Venues Ltd. Royal Jaarbeurs is certified as a HealthCare Venue, which means it adheres to the strict regulations applicable to pharmaceutical companies when organising, sponsoring or participating in medical events and conferences. Corry and her colleague Kelly van der Velden have both been awarded a Venue Healthcare Champion certificate. “It was quite a journey,” adds Corry, "It's a complex challenge due to the strict rules for events in this sector but I found it fascinating and a great opportunity to acquire new skills tailored to our clients. Now I am able to provide an even better level of assistance."

Customised communication

Royal Jaarbeurs has also obtained a Green Healthcare Certificate, demonstrating its ability to support compliance policies and the specific needs and requirements associated with organising meetings in the medical sector. “Now that we meet these standards the certificate primarily influences the way we communicate,” explains Corry. "Being compliant requires us to carefully choose our words so that individuals can make decisions based on their regulations. At the same time, however, we still want to share the plus-points of our venue. Our offers and presentations clarify the attractiveness of our locations in ways that are specifically required for medical conferences." 

“We have a network of thousands of care professionals.”

Broad expertise

Corry is now deeply immersed in the intricacies of the healthcare sector and well-versed in many aspects: "That's what makes my work so enjoyable. I love talking with clients and finding out more on these topics. It keeps me informed about market trends and current issues. This goes beyond the hiring of spaces… I really like hearing people's stories and working closely together to optimise their conference or event. We work with many parties in the healthcare sector and understand the industry's dynamics. Royal Jaarbeurs' Dutch Health Hub gives us a network of thousands of healthcare professionals, ranging from nurses to real estate specialists. And we can leverage on this network in various ways, from recruiting additional participants to finding speakers for your event." 


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